Roni Giladi

Custom naturopathy

My name is Roni Giladi, I am a naturopathy therapist, specializing in digestive tract problems, diagnosis and resolution of allergies and sensitivities, as well as emotional treatment of traumas, phobias, and other emotional pressures.

What type of problems do I specialize in

If you suffer from digestion problems, migraines, skin diseases, problems in respiration, diabetes and obesity, allergies and sensitivities to various foods and chemicals, physical and emotional pain, traumas, anxieties, and depression – the solution for your problems is within your reach:

A winning tool kit including naturopathy tools that provides physical support and the best treatment methodologies in the emotional therapeutic range, methodologies allowing me a direct access to your unconscious mind, and deep release of the root of the problem!

What do you get from me

Naturopathy diagnosis and anamnesis including custom tailoring of a personal nutrition plan, combined with healing herbs and dedicated food supplements, detoxification under supervision, and the jewel in the crown: treatment of the problem root, either physical or emotional, in a short treatment plan without unnecessarily long sessions!

A unique solution for the challenging times we are facing

Online therapeutic sessions, using either Zoom or Skype, that are accessible to every person, everywhere, complete with a personal accompaniment, provision of solutions and therapeutic accompaniment also outside of the therapeutic sessions, until the desired outcome is achieved.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call me directly to +972-58-6620775

Do the right thing for your health. I am here for you!

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